Why Choose SRI Loft Conversion

Loft conversion is by far the best solution for increasing demand of space in your home than moving to new and bigger property. Costs and time involved plays an important role in it. SRI Loft Conversion has experience and qualification to turn your idea into reality.

  • More than 11 years experience
  • Only quality material used
  • Customer interaction during process
  • Expert advice
  • Guaranteed work
  • Certified company
  • Design with consultation
  • Cost effectiveness
  • No sub contracted builders
  • No hidden costs
  • Work carried out by experienced people
  • Honest and professional service

Why loft conversion is best solution?

When your family members has filled up and squeezed into and made use of every room in the home, you have to make a plan. Moving into the loft conversions or loft as they call it is not only affordable than moving home but when all the costs are brought into the equation you can get money on the best deal.

Your loft can raise the usable floor space by up to 30 percent, if you have not checked out the domestic neighbours yet, see who has covered the loft into a plus room and take a note of what they have done with roof space. Next take a gaze into your loft and see the head room and calculate the area so you can use the detail to ask experts their opinion.

Our loft conversions cost per meter are generally affordable than building an extension. If you want your expenses down you do not generally need planning permission. If you are not sure on loft changes as against building as addition and even moving home, then rest and job out the figures implicated with each choice. This may give you a big quantity of time and you will easily have to inquire an estate agent, a few builders and an architect, but at least you will have a perfect idea of which choice to take and then move on.